Tags4Labs is one of the 3 main projects we are currently working on. 

As for tags4Labs:

By combining a complex mixture of electronic and paper-based records researchers carefully document their daily activities. Although managing such a mixture is a common practice, information stored in laboratory notebooks is often lost for practical purposes. Moreover, lab-notebooks are usually disconnected from other information resources that researchers use on a daily basis. Interestingly, although Electronic Notebooks are available, these have not been widely adopted. Here we present our approach to the problem of managing knowledge in Electronic Laboratory Notebooks. We combine elements from the Semantic Web, e.g. ontologies supporting organization and classification, with elements from Social Tagging Systems, e.g. collaboration. Our environment delivers, by mimicking, the main advantages of paper-based records. We followed a participatory approach; researchers participated in the understanding and definition of the problem as well as in the design of the technology and the development of the ontologies.

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